Caroline O'Keeffe Counselling


Why do people come for counselling?

There are a vast number of reasons why people decide to come for counselling, each one unique in their own way.  You may be feeling stuck, wanting to make changes in your life but struggling to know how. Perhaps you need support in adjusting to life transitions or with making important decisions.  You may have experienced a traumatic event such as bereavement, accident or illness and feel unable to heal, or perhaps you wish to work through difficult childhood issues.  Work or relationships may be feeling stressful for you and challenging your ability to cope.  Or perhaps you just feel ‘not quite right’ but you don’t  know why.  There may be many other reasons, all of which can be worked with in the counselling room.


What will happen when I first come to counselling? 

Our initial consultation will give us a chance to get to know each other a little and decide whether we would like to work together.  It will be helpful for us to discuss what brings you to counselling and what you hope to get from the experience.  You will also have a chance to ask any questions you may have.  You may quickly feel comfortable in the counselling environment or you may feel anxious and out of your comfort zone.  We will work completely at your pace and address any concerns as they arise. Once we have decided that we will work together, we will go through a counselling contract which will give further information on how the counselling process will work.  We will then make some practical arrangements, for example when we will meet and methods of payment.

What outcome should I expect?

Just as there are many, many reasons why people come for counselling, there are also many potential impacts and outcomes.  During and/ or after counselling, you may feel like you understand yourself and your problems better, hence feel less ‘stuck’ in a particular way of being.  You may feel more comfortable in your own skin and better able to resolve your problems and make positive changes.  You may notice a reduction in symptoms of anxiety, depression and other forms of psychological distress, and perhaps a general improvement in your emotional well-being.  There may be a whole host of other potential impacts, some of which may be immediately apparent and some of which will reveal themselves over time.

Are your premises accessible for me?

My counselling room is on the ground floor and has a small single step into the building so it is easily accessible for most people.  If you have any additional access requirements, I am very happy to help with these where possible.  The office is on a regular bus route (No. 3) and is approximately 50 yards from the bus stop.  You will need to get off the bus at the Union Road stop.  In front of Cherry Tree Offices there are several visitor car parking spaces which you are welcome to use.  If these are all occupied you will find plenty of free on road parking nearby.  Please ring the ‘CO Counselling’ buzzer when you arrive and I will open the door for you.  I will come and fetch you from our small reception area when it is time for our session to start.  Cherry Tree Offices are located on Union Road, as shown on the map on the ‘Contact’ page.